All persons who have knowledge and skills to contribute are welcome to attend any SWGDE meeting without applying for membership.  A new Meeting Registration process has been implemented for each meeting and is required for all members and guests to complete.  The Registration Form will be available for a limited time period surrounding each event - the link will be available next to each event listed below when the registration period is open.  Subscribe to our announcement distribution list (via main menu above) to be notified when it becomes available.  All Guests registrations will be reviewed and approved,  and approved Guests will be notified and added to the specific meeting distribution list.  

Upcoming Meetings 

*** Reminder: All Guests (and Members) are required to submit a Meeting Registration form for approval prior to attending - the link will be available below when registration is open.  Subscribe to our announcement distribution list from the menu above for updates!

2024 May 13 -16 - Denver, CO hosted by the University of Colorado Denver, National Center for Media Forensics 

the the Guest Request for the May meeting is now closed

2024 Sept 16-19 - Houston, TX hosted by The Chevron Corporation

registration will be available at a later date - subscribe to our email list above to receive notification

Previous Meetings

2024 Jan 8 - 11 - Boulder, CO hosted by CU Boulder Police Department Training Center 

2023 Sept 18 - 21 - Bedford, MA hosted by MITRE

2023 June 12 - 15 - Richmond, VA, hosted by Virginia DFS/VPSTC

2023 January 9 - 12 - Louisville, KY, hosted by Louisville Metro Police Department

2022 September - Pittsburgh, PA, hosted by the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance

2022 June 6 - 9 - Morgantown, WV, hosted by National White Collar Crime Center

2022 January 10 - 13  - Held virtually

2021 September  13 - 16  - Held virtually 

2021 June 14 - 17 - NCFI, Hoover, AL, hosted by USSS

2021 January 11 - 14 - Held virtually due to pandemic quarantine

2020 September 14 - 17 - Held virtually due to pandemic quarantine

2020 June 1 - 4 - Held virtually due to pandemic quarantine

2020 January - Phoenix, AZ hosted by Phoenix Police Department

2019 September - Houston, TX hosted by NASA Johnson Space Center