SWGIT Document Archive**

The following documents were published by the Scientific Working Group on Imaging Technology (SWGIT) and are hosted here for reference only. SWGDE's membership includes many former SWGIT members who have worked to update a number of documents listed below - where a newer SWGDE document exists, a separate link is provided to the current version on this website.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: The SWGIT terminated operations in May 2015 and the official website was removed soon following that time period. There is however a new UNOFFICIAL website that appears to look and feel like the original SWGIT website. This is NOT a real 'SWGIT' website and is NOT sponsored or authorized to act on behalf of SWGIT in any capacity. Please beware of your use of that site and any links on it that are provided.

Section 1 Overview of SWGIT and the Use of Imaging Technology in the Criminal Justice System (2010, Ver 3.3)

Section 2 Considerations for Managers Migrating to Digital Imaging Technology (2010, Ver 2.1)

Section 3 Field Photography Equipment and Supporting Infrastructure (2009, Ver 3.0)

Section 4 Recommendations and Guidelines for Using Closed-Circuit Television Security Systems in Commercial Institutions (2012, Ver 3.0)

Section 5 Guidelines for Image Processing (2010, Ver 2.1)

Section 6 Guidelines and Recommendations for Training in Imaging Technologies in the Criminal Justice System (2010, Ver 1.3)

Section 7 Best Practices for Forensic Video Analysis (2009, Ver 1.0)

Section 8 General Guidelines for Capturing Latent Impressions Using a Digital Camera (2010, Version 1.3)

Section 9 General Guidelines for Photographing Footwear and Tire Impressions (2013, Version 1.0)

Section 11 Best Practices for Documenting Image Enhancement (2010, Version 1.3)

Section 12 Best Practices for Forensic Image Analysis (2012, Version 1.7)

Section 13 Best Practices for Maintaining the Integrity of Digital Images and Digital Video (2012, Version 1.1)

Section 14 Best Practices for Image Authentication (2013, Version 1.1)

Section 15 Best Practices for Archiving Digital and Multimedia Evidence (DME) in the Criminal Justice System (2012, Version 1.1)

Section 16 Best Practices for Forensic Photographic Comparison (2013, Version 1.1)

Section 17 Digital Imaging Technology Issues for the Courts (2012, Version 2.2)

Section 18 Best Practices for Automated Image Processing (2010, Version 1.0)

Section 19 Issues Relating to Digital Image Compression and File Formats (2011, Version 1.1)

Section 20 Recommendations and Guidelines for Crime Scene and Critical Incident Videography (2012, Version 1.0)

Section 21 Procedure or Testing Scanner Resolution for Latent Print Imaging (2012, Version 1.0)

Section 22 Procedure for Testing Digital Camera System Resolution for Latent Print Photography (2012, Version 1.0)

Section 23 Best Practices for the Analysis of Digital Video Recorders (2012, Version 1.0)

Section 24 Best Practices for the Retrieval of Digital Video (2013, Version 1.0)