Drafts Released For Comment

SWGDE encourages stakeholder participation in the preparation of documents. The following documents are draft versions being provided for comment by all interested parties for a minimum period of 60 days. Suggestions for modifications are welcome and must be submitted following the provided instructions specified on the cover page.

2020-09-17 SWGDE Best Practices for Forensic Audio v2.3

2020-09-17 SWGDE Best Practices for Teleworking and Digital Forensics v1.0

2020-09-17 SWGDE Guidelines for Video Evidence Canvassing and Collection v1.0

2020-09-17 SWGDE Informational Overview: Computer Vision v2.0

2019-09-29 SWGDE Guide for Establishing a QMS for a DME Org Under ISO-IEC 17025 or 17020 ** This document has been pulled from further comment pending required updates. It will be posted again once updates have been completed.